Star Trek TNG Reviews:

It started when independent filmmaker/Founder of RedLetterMedia(video production company) bought a dvd for the film Star Trek Generations(the first entry in the Star Trek The Next Generation series and seventh in the Star Trek film series). He hadn't seen it since 1994 when it came out in theatres and realised how much he hated the film. He stated that it "completely messed up the transition to the big screen from what was a really great tv show"(Star Trek: The Next Generation). Stoklasa's newfound hatred for the film led to him making a 20-30 minute long review of the film in which he would pick apart the flaws of the film in detail. Him and his friend Jay Bauman had already started a video production company called RedLetterMedia where they had previously made 2 movies and several short films. They however were yet to gain high popularity.

Stoklasa felt his real voice was to boring for the video so he decided to adopt the persona of Mr Plinkett. A character previously played by RedLetterMedia employee Rich Evans in some of Stoklasa's short films. Stoklasa deems it neccessary for the character of Mr Plinkett to be a senile murderer as it would keep the viewers interested in what he is saying and keep devoid as coming across to nerdy. Plinkett is also this way to provide plenty of comic releif that other reviews have little of. The review grew decently popular and recieved many favorable comments asking Stoklasa to do more. He decided to follow up on it with reviews of the other TNG films(Star Trek First Contact,Star Trek Insurrection and Star Trek Nemesis). During this time Stoklasa directed a satirical short film for the 2009 reboot of the Star Trek franchise. He eventually(much later into his career) followed up on this with an actual review. These reviews have been praised for comedic timing and insightful critique.

Star Wars The Phantom Menace Review:

After making his TNG reviews,Stoklasa was told to do a Plinkett review of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. Not knowing where to begin he decided to make a much longer review at the lenth of 70 minutes. This review gained huge recognition and praise leading to review for the other star wars prequels. (This article is yet to be finished)

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